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Hello again FISHALOTS! Its Johnny Fishalot here,

I know you are all busy, and I know the sheer amount of fishing gear out there being marketed to you (in every which way) can be utterly overwhelming. However, whether you are interested in fresh water fishing or salt water fishing, I have set up this site to make purchasing your fishing gear streamlined and easy depending on the fish you are after! I want to help you find what you are looking for quickly and easily then quickly get out on the water! 
On this page you will find my preferred fishing gear used on my YouTube channel Fishing With Johnny Fishalot. This gear is divided into sections to help you quickly and easily find what your looking for.
I have signed up for Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program for the fishing gear I reference in the channel. As an Amazon Associate I earn a small amount of money from qualifying purchases, though this costs you, the customer, NO ADDITIONAL MONEY. Thank you for your support.
When you click on an image that product will open on Amazon in another window and you can add it to your cart.

If there are other products here you are interested in come back to the page click on the image, and it will open in Amazon for you to check out and/or add to your cart. Thanks for visiting the Fishing With Johnny Fishalot site.

Fair Winds and Following Seas to all the Fishalots out there
Example:   You're looking for a fishing rod I have mentioned in a video, go to the rods section. If you're looking for fishing reels, you can find them in the reels section.

Same goes for bait, lures, line, and other fishing gear related to the fish you are after! Simply use the menu above to guide you to the section that fits your fishing needs. A submenu will appear for each category to further assist you quickly find your desired fishing gear.

Free Master Class-Knots & Rigs
How and when to use them

By Johnnyfishalot 

That's right!! A FREE FISHING SEMINAR to cover ALL Knots AND Rigs for ALL your inshore fishing situations in Fresh or Saltwater! Learn How AND When to use EACH Knot / Rig and when to avoid using some knots and rigs.
And much more.

This free seminar is designed for both the beginner Fishalot looking to get into the sport or the experienced Fishalot who may not be aware of how certain knots and rigs can be more beneficial in some circumstances than others! 
Learn How AND When to use EACH Knot

These tips will help you maximize your time out on the water AND CATCH MORE FISH!!!!
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